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Understanding of arms 2010-06-14 04:08

Dungeons & Dragons Online Gold realizes different roles in the game, if we are lack of it, we may be in trouble or danger, and we need keep it enough. I think many players are interested in arms, such as machetes, knives koru, epee, and dwarf tomahawk, and I will describe it details, and hope you have a good time during in the fighting.
Cutlass lot of people say its shortcomings, I will not repeat them here. The other three have their advantages and disadvantages, in my view, if not family, then dwarves, dwarf, or do not use an ax, ax if dwarves would take it, this is your best weapon. Kou knife and epee to more than, I prefer epee, many people say the proportion of Kou knife sword is good, also give a lot of data to prove their point of view, Q knife weapons attack on a small proportion of Sword two, blow scope is the same, but the result of multiple blows is not the same, because the bandit knife was one point five times the epee.
Fortunately, Kou knife blows multiple of three, critical strike weapons when the attack burst out of the high point, epee fortunately, normal attack on high. Command twenty times if we have weapons, if the investment point of which two nineteen to twenty, and all out blow, then epee more than eighteen points Kou knife attack two less beating impairment. To sum up, in fact, the two are very similar, with the epee or the pursuit of stability, but also personally think that the epee sword attractive than the bandit, bandit knife curved arc I do not like that.
This is my view to four arms, and I hope you can choose one right for you, which is used for you. And than you can prove that you choose is right, there is no useful arm for except it.

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Survival Skill Tree Guide 2010-06-14 04:08

Asda Story gold acts many roles in the game, for example, if you need equipments, it can buy arms for you, and if you are short of experiences or skills, you will prepare game gold to exchange. I have time to say about survival skill tree guide, and I think it can help you to provide you a good chance. This is all simple news, and I hope it can help you.
Highly suggest upgrading move like the wind every time you can. Because it is very useful to either getting places, running away from monsters, or getting out of the enemies way. Can not out run most attacks from casters as they have a huge attack range but this will add to your Survival rate significantly? You can buy game gold from our site when you need.
Blessings which can make you invisible for a few seconds are important, and you can make full learning of it. So it is great way to get some attacks off on monsters or other people while you are not able to receive any damage. Good idea to use this skill when being followed to gives you a better chance of survival. At last a must use gives you extra physical defense which is always useful against monsters and opponents and it is re-use time is less then its effective time so this skill should always be on when hunting or paving. Of course Air Shield will only help you against fellow archers and Warriors, so beware getting to close to those pesky casters.
If you want to know it details, you can come to our website, and I will also give you a good answer. Hope you have a good time in the game, and I will practice level also.

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From three races say curing star 2010-06-14 04:08

aion gold provides us some chances to play this game, and we can make enough game gold. Last article I have told you other experience, and you can put you into it to feel how interesting in fighting. I will describe that from three parts according to my experiences, and it is simple, I think you will do well.
The first is to make sure that what you will wear when you are after forty five levels, and days of family I now recommend thirty eight sets of sub chains slowly. Because copper mountain equipment does not increase blood copper up to the mountain, plus the spirit, and there is no another chance. But the down level is too low, and it does not have effect. Family day cure is to thirty eight, you can have a cost effective package, and definitely better than those expensive equipment and poor. The devil race, I strongly recommend a large patriarchal set.
The second is to know that pulsing blood is the aim of cure star, when you arrive at forty two levels, basic skills are prepared perfect, and you can make it strong when you are at forty five. The base state solution only for the team members skills, but when playing boss to give priority to the main roof off state solution, or a lot of boss skilled people in their own state after the additional spoke skills, so the state did not imagine that group solutions in handy.
The third is to understand that the ability of fighting is not strong, if you rely on a stone to get up attack, even if you play the more you and other professional or have a biog gap. Because the number of skills, the output is a bottleneck, the single brush, do not plug in the bug any card case, not enough to see the treatments of the attack, and to forty two after the cure has been exemplary before has a kite fluting capabilities.

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How to determine the value of an item 2010-06-14 04:08

wyd gold is the center in the game, our players are all around it, and we will feel that it is very perfect. You must want to get it enough, how to determine the value of an item, and now I will offer you a good chance.
The first is the level of items. The higher the level of things is to sell stores to sell more expensive. If they sell things, the base will be higher. For example, the wizard in the same equipment, additional equipment, wing wizard will be higher than the number of w or more.
The second is the number of additional attributes. Equipment have hit a lot of additional properties, as many have additional equipment hit, do not chase and catch ratio of about 1:1, so simply append the attribute of the equipment essentially no trading value. Additional changes in the property here is the level of addition of total goods caused by the goods should be single than the above-mentioned additional properties superior even valuable while over one hundred equipment in such a superb and the price differential between common species are also expected in the great beyond.
The third is the supply and demand, and the value of a good embryo may be common equipment for more than ten times or one hundred times. The fourth is rare degree, the best example is the World Tourism boxes, some use is unknown, some pure luck, with some probability is very low, and their prices will change much.
After all, the player must consider the sale of something a lot of factors. Early worries about the fate of new equipment, there is no equipment to buy before junior practice, most of the additional common an attribute, while the new wizard magic attacks are not very high, the additional property compared with only defense and processing blood helpful. The former is the basis of attributes additional armor, it is easy to get, not very expensive, which is a small gourmet, preferably on the basis of additional blood be added, so that people would sell things, and expensive, the new it would be the pen in the game.

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Pressure is necessary 2010-06-07 04:31

Silkroad gold is the center whatever we are passing in the game, during much time, we need help, at this time we need show our wisdom, and also we can do well. For example, we can use it to change for skills or experience when we are in the fighting, and also we can make friends with some players. I can teach you a way to improve your ability, and you need pay attention with heart.
Pressure point is to temporarily hide your points do not mean, can you skill points, and you can upgrade your points. Of course I am talking about skill points, so you can help us a good cost. Skill points, you can downgrade to brush approach, I have not tried this, but you can go try, after all, more choice. But I feel no need to deliberately do this thing, from a game design point of view, and here is something you never learn enough, the problem is how to use. And hung up after high-grade how cruel thing. Of course, now no one goes to brush grade, or there is a problem.
Pressure point is necessary. I find that the difference between a skill one, two is no different. Crimping point to want to upgrade skills, and this leveling is very effective. Not pressure point, then we will find these practical skills but can not use. For just people who play this game, basically every class will be added. And why would usually say that the skill upgrading over, in fact, since most of the skills used to. Out the back of the skill level of most, and you now have greater gap, so I think that pressure is necessary.
In short the benefits of pressure point is when you do not understand what the situation rose to remain a stay, there is the practical skills to upgrade. This game practice it is very diverse, leveling difficult, we have to take advantage of every opportunity.

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Obtain prestige 2010-06-07 04:30

Runescape Gold acts basic role in the game but it is rather important part, for example, if you are short of arms, you need spend money to buy equipments in the game, and you will lose chance in fighting. If we have time, we need try our bests to learn skills from players who have rich or particular experiences, and I think than we can pass and work out problems when we operate these things.
The main task at this stage is the source of organization, the first thing you have to reputation and experience to make a choice between, like a good day to use the number of assignments to get credit, how many tasks brush experience. The second is the rational use per day challenge free number, and let me get up every day standing approach. But does not recommend the regular players to learn the task organization task of gold brush, brush out to receive competitive task. To continue the task of gold brush, brushes out the second task of re-competitive receive. And then to complete two tasks a Health Warning, of course, you can brush to do with the three athletic tasks. But the tasks of athletic type than the other tasks have been difficult to brush, and a refresh of three tasks to be seven or eight times normal circumstances. A brush two tasks have to brush a little difficult to athletic big, forty received the highest prestige is the daily task of. Twenty times challenge completed as the consumption of which is indeed a bit too much, suggest you brush competitive tasks, experience collection of high experience to complete the task should be the way. After all, money is limited, reasonable long-term use is benevolent.
Position of the ring and the hall of honors have additive effects of cultivation, and I think you must win prestige when you try your best to do these things.

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