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2010-06-07 04:30
Runescape Gold acts basic role in the game but it is rather important part, for example, if you are short of arms, you need spend money to buy equipments in the game, and you will lose chance in fighting. If we have time, we need try our bests to learn skills from players who have rich or particular experiences, and I think than we can pass and work out problems when we operate these things.
The main task at this stage is the source of organization, the first thing you have to reputation and experience to make a choice between, like a good day to use the number of assignments to get credit, how many tasks brush experience. The second is the rational use per day challenge free number, and let me get up every day standing approach. But does not recommend the regular players to learn the task organization task of gold brush, brush out to receive competitive task. To continue the task of gold brush, brushes out the second task of re-competitive receive. And then to complete two tasks a Health Warning, of course, you can brush to do with the three athletic tasks. But the tasks of athletic type than the other tasks have been difficult to brush, and a refresh of three tasks to be seven or eight times normal circumstances. A brush two tasks have to brush a little difficult to athletic big, forty received the highest prestige is the daily task of. Twenty times challenge completed as the consumption of which is indeed a bit too much, suggest you brush competitive tasks, experience collection of high experience to complete the task should be the way. After all, money is limited, reasonable long-term use is benevolent.
Position of the ring and the hall of honors have additive effects of cultivation, and I think you must win prestige when you try your best to do these things.

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