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How to determine the value of an item
2010-06-14 04:08
wyd gold is the center in the game, our players are all around it, and we will feel that it is very perfect. You must want to get it enough, how to determine the value of an item, and now I will offer you a good chance.
The first is the level of items. The higher the level of things is to sell stores to sell more expensive. If they sell things, the base will be higher. For example, the wizard in the same equipment, additional equipment, wing wizard will be higher than the number of w or more.
The second is the number of additional attributes. Equipment have hit a lot of additional properties, as many have additional equipment hit, do not chase and catch ratio of about 1:1, so simply append the attribute of the equipment essentially no trading value. Additional changes in the property here is the level of addition of total goods caused by the goods should be single than the above-mentioned additional properties superior even valuable while over one hundred equipment in such a superb and the price differential between common species are also expected in the great beyond.
The third is the supply and demand, and the value of a good embryo may be common equipment for more than ten times or one hundred times. The fourth is rare degree, the best example is the World Tourism boxes, some use is unknown, some pure luck, with some probability is very low, and their prices will change much.
After all, the player must consider the sale of something a lot of factors. Early worries about the fate of new equipment, there is no equipment to buy before junior practice, most of the additional common an attribute, while the new wizard magic attacks are not very high, the additional property compared with only defense and processing blood helpful. The former is the basis of attributes additional armor, it is easy to get, not very expensive, which is a small gourmet, preferably on the basis of additional blood be added, so that people would sell things, and expensive, the new it would be the pen in the game.

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~~ 2010-12-02 03:43
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~~ 2011-08-21 04:23
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This COACH and Cord Necklace ($28) is sleek and futuristic,
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