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A good way to practice level as Silver months 2010-02-22 06:53

Lineage 2 Adena guilds that there is good mean to help you enter into high level, only if you work hard to practice. That is incarnations generally incarnations for almost all occupations, are side effects, in addition to archers, especially the silver on the use of changing body can get a great advantage. The basic attributes and skills are to become active and active properties of skills, passive skills retention after changing body. After the archer by the long-range attack changing body into close combat, direct benefits are saving arrows, attack does not consume energy, and do not worry because when the use of bows and arrows to narrow the gap brought about by damage to punishment. I think you can do well, but you need take care when fighting.
When using the bow and arrow attack, once the enemy close, and injuries dropped to seventy percent below changing body not after this anguish, and because most of the incarnations of human soldiers properties, which make up the wizard warrior attributes congenitally deficient, meaning that if you are a power of 36 strength adding 4 tattoos changing body adding 4 after the power is the power of 40 tattoos. This time of shooter can make a comparison, first of all have the same basic properties, and there is no longer a disadvantage, passive skills, in addition to weight-bearing gap, there is only a passive fatal injuries, and this gap is not large, but the advantage is very obviously, is that 79 passive skills to learn fast counter attacks and dash arrows back, when you, as an archer, let the enemy close and attack you are taboo, but change into after the close combat, these two skills. The role of the very practical, you would love to play you blame energetically.

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Blue side jewelry and the use 2010-02-22 06:52

holic gold tells you the boss of blue side and how to use, I think you can do well in the this side, because my words is very clear, and you can learn it easily. I have entered into blue side for not long time, and now I can not be regarded as old members. Blue side jewelry can help you pass some points, and you need make full use of it.
For the first time to use BOSS jewelry is my first brush nobility points when the red side of the trouble, I was lost points, very depressed, and then members of the same group all the jewelry out, we try to steal back together. I was a resolution is 5 BOSS jewelry, I joke that I would like to cases escaping with money, and off the assembly line is not on the result, she said, then I would have to cry to death. Later on the sub-brush silver, they also help to see end. I have never played Silver months, let alone played, the team told me to go brush with the strange, all the equipment, Grilled to me. With a full set of BOSS jewelry, although we have no red dragon bow side is so good, but winning is still higher, as I do the dishes bow, but also play can result. Here the edge is a coalition of support.
More keenly contested game by one person is often main, several people take turns watching the market, which is a great need for BOSS jewelry, my jewelry often after 15, he was stripped, including the hard work he and his fans save a 6 command sets, but keep at least two full AS jewelry BOSS at the end of the time, due to get marks career more jewelry very tight. BOSS jewelry control, for a Union, is very necessary, leaving a fire dragon is not allocated specifically to play AS use, and I personally feel that it is very necessary.

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How to do more research on line 2010-02-22 06:52

Eve isk can find new way to guide you, if the skill is not enough to open how to do more research on line and I think you must have an idea to work it out, but you need waste much time to do it. You can make a decision when you have read my experience, do not see it low, my talk has enough gold to read, and you are luck.
If you are a professional manufacturer, is not it sometimes is not enough skill to open up more in order to study line drawings and painful? If you are a person in charge of logistics corps, is not to a large number of drawings can not be effectively corps fast research about? If you are a pure warrior, and occasionally need to look at drawings of ammunition, but do not want to waste time on research skill. I will give you a quick and easy solution, and you are going to like this method.
You need to create a scientist trumpet, switch to two hundred and seventy thousand to buy after the birth of our lab-dimensional control. Trumpet a birth, because they have skills in scientific principles, one can start practicing laboratory-dimensional control, and can open a research line. Caldara scientist at birth is 16 for intelligence and 8 memories. 14 minutes later, you can open the first two research lines, less than 1 hour, longer opening one, more than five hours after the addition of 1, 31 hours later, to 5. Of course, this time you can continue to reach the final six lines, the senior laboratory-dimensional control, and 2kw skills books.
Operators for each new account 14-day free trial time, 27w of the investment cost, 14-day free period of 2 days, able to open six lines, able to study a lot of drawings, and well worth it. If the drawings are more than enough to solve the problem, more open a few trumpet well.

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The Lesser Known Ways to Spend Money 2010-02-22 06:52

champions gold which if you have or don not worry its high price then you can play this game happily and so you will find that the online game is very wonderful, you can experience exciting feeling what you have not experienced and at last we will love this game. Now let me talk about the lesser known ways to spend money for you, hope you like it.
Recently on the magic world of Trial I came across a large sum of cash. I am not talking about those 20 dollars as game gold. I hang in front of people windows so they fall out trying to grab it, and I mean money that could buy one very nice looking ham sandwich. It is not normal for me to find this cash without causing an accident to the previous owner, but fortune has a way of appearing in the hands of the bold. As in I pushed over a blind man and took his bag.
With this new sack of gold I faced a new problem that has been sweeping my fellow role who followed my previous guide which is that The Lesser Known Ways of Making game money, what should I spend all this handsome money on? Well being the ingenious guy that I am going to tell you how I spent, and how you should spend, the worlds greatest object. Gold can buy you a lot of things like a new piece of obsolete armor which you will throw away when you get to the next city, but there is certain things people forget about where, what and when their spending their coin as their own some gold.
I hope it can help you, but if you have good experiences, please tell me, because I want to improve myself by my own efforts. Good luck to you, I think you must be able to enter into high levels, and you should operate this skill.

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Looking for weapons useful for role 2010-02-08 08:10

Megaten Gold is known to us as players, and we can not be short of it. During much time, we need get ready for it enough, for example, we can teach new players to change for, and we can exchange arms which we have entered into a high level for it. We all know that Pets gain exp every three minutes. And it depends according to how many times the pet attack a mob. The best way to train your pet is to go to Bamboo Mountain, look for the following mobs. Red Tiger, Fierce Reindeer and Black Lion coz somehow these mobs can auto heal themselves, thus more chances for your pet to hit multiple times within three minutes, and make more chance to gain gold. Remember the Highest exp they gain by multiple hits is per three minutes. If a mob dies, less hit it will only gain per three minutes.
Set your pet status to defend, this will make sure he will just attack that single mob and nothing else. I use a level two to three pure paralysis sword so the red tiger will not go away. Make sure the location in your autocue is in Bamboo Mountain, or your current location. Uncheck auto town. Set protect settings to whatever urn preference. This is the trick. Have your Pet and your character attack the red tiger, then turn the boot on and turn off right away.
Somehow even though the boot is off, it will auto heal, auto feed and auto answer the GM quiz when it is off and you can just leave it like that until you level your pet. Have you ever noticed how your exp bar goes up when you kill those cute ill monsters? Well same thing goes for your skill point bar. You can see how much you have. By pressing the B button while in game.

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Turkish priest 2010-02-08 08:10

Rappelz Rupees contains rules which are like cards in real life, but it is very interesting, and we can make full use of it. If you have seen gods, you may know what I said, because it is created according to this story. Different roles in this game, whatever you are, such as devil, or angle, and you must obey the rule in the game. I like choosing the role of the call whichever I am in, and you can understand that why my experience is so rich. Like now, I am Turkish priest who has this call skill, and I feel very interesting and wonderful. Wizard priest is a good thing, that is, anti-lower, in the clouds, with the priest attack on island, that is, four small rockets, can not stand to die, and get away, advanced call God, a word stupid, the most senior woman Waa calls, but also stupid, attack slow, low, only a benefit, will group attack, but the anti-low-ah, cited a group of strange over, plus the blood of creator is like water, take a look at the other hook of the soldiers, assassins, Master, on the feeling of liquid in the eyes of a nameless thump. Now you need pay attention to some tasks, if a person is still forgotten, and there are teams just that can do it.
The first is the task of mine whole, and you must be careful. We do not go to kill bugbears, with drive-by-tiger wolf, points a strange, let your baby, the experience is still good, just a little tired. The second is to find someone to take the task, we can not go to find if you are alone, because we are a priest, not blood of cow, and skin is not thick. The third is to king dragon played, if you need to go, you will find thirty persons who are same to you, or you will lose your life in this road.

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