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History of the three kingdoms 2010-01-20 07:01

Three competing countries Defugel, Craxion, Broa, and a legendary hero there may be a kind of story? The three countries should advocate a different history, an endless war erupted between the three countries, but how to reveal the historical truth, to resolve this pointless war all day long, the game features three different races and six one each a director of the professional players are available with choice, which of them need a lot of gates of andaron gold, a large number of elements of PVP and RVR will also be integrated into one, for the legendary heroes how to solve the dispute, it would open the gates of andiron.
Now I say to make money for the experience, in fact, make a play Werewolf area goa gold speed some things to be faster, but really, just playing some kind of stranger really boring. Another report on what, Aspects of Intellectual Property by Po strange way to play, s little brother hit a total of 16rose to 19 3 60000 gates of andaron money of the weapons can be regarded as very fortunate, however, hammer and nails Dwarf cypress wand in the Beast Island, there is no market. However, the hit feeling is very happy baby.
Now I come to explain the Orcs on the island locations of these monsters, first open the map, the map of the south-west along the coast to go in order of encounter hook claws AMP chief, werewolves, the devils eyes, grizzly bear, black bat wings, high-Lun stone strange, Evil Eye inspections who are not forest Tomb Colombian leader, werewolves, deputy chiefs, bears, and Chaka spiders. See, map browsing again, just all the solutions of the task finished, do not you see use the terrain I am sorry would not be too great Orc island geography?
Here to say one, if you really want to make cheap gates of andaron gold, who was not Dalang, deputy leader of change who, in fact, the quickest and most convenient way is to buy gates of andaron gold.
Eyes of the beholder wise see wisdom, folks I did not have the final say, you can come to try the game, you will find them a lot of fun.

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Adult online game 2010-01-13 07:28

Call of chaos is a good view of the world and simple operation, easy to use a 3D MMORPG, it is an adult over the age 18 can experience a variety of content and easy to use online games.
The 45-degree angle with the design of network games, with excellent graphics and a high degree of freedom of the game, including the siege warfare, including the various gaming systems are also a perfect integration. Of course, the game needs to support a large number of Call of chaos gold, you can choose to buy Call of chaos gold.
Call of chaos is a Quarter View point of view of the 3D MMORPG games, the story of Western expansion of the Middle Ages as the main background, the game emphasizes simple operation, even the less skilled the game easy for new users is also very easy to get started. This MMORPG game is to go the route of traditional R and D is made with the extremely delicate pictures with a neat and tidy presentation, a large number of coc gold, has stressed that the players have a new gaming experience. At the same time, the used of RPG game mode of operation, so that 30-year-old age group, users can return to the past, are familiar with the game environment, but also allows young users to fully enjoy a traditional RPG game brought sense of interest and input.
Call of chaos overlooking the perspective used as a 3D MMORPG, will provide start-up period of the Original RPG and solid view of the world to enjoy the game with a simple method of operation is to have the intimacy of the game. The game has two races of mankind and the Wizard, which provides the convenience of earning Call of chaos money, open career, including human knight, lord of mankind, human priest and knight wizard, the wizard. Players can also fight monsters to obtain cheap Call of chaos gold.
This game is fun, you can try.

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Gorgeous carefree sense of online games action 2010-01-13 07:27

By the emerging online game developer GamePrix developed action RPG the soul of the Holy Spirit, the first test before the release of the game action movies, the video presents a copy of the game with the public role in fighting the strange scenes. Holy Spirit is a magnificent appeal against a sense of movement and jolly COMBO action RPG.
Horizontal scrollbar with the existing version of the action game different, the soul of the Holy Spirit is a full-3D manner, and supports 45-degree angle, preview view, behind the angle of the action game in which a large number of divine soul gold for the game mode, players will be able to feel the thrill of the game more exciting gratification.
In addition, the game also provides players gathered for the great city, reducing the players to the villages, overcrowded feeling depressed. And accompanied by the growth of class players, the game will be more monster high degree of intense the content of intense fighting. At this time, the player needs to have divine soul online gold as a basis, because you need to use divine soul money to purchase large quantities of drugs in order to maintain the victory in the battle.
Continuous multi-level skills, a sense of magnificent action carefree most outstanding feature of the game, while the high intelligence BOSS strange, will let gamers feel the thrill of terror to stimulate the fighting, and for each player to complete the task when the main stage, but also transparent Guo scissors, stone, cloth of the game to obtain valuable props, or cheap divine soul gold, but also enhance the game interesting. You can also buy divine soul gold.
In this game, players can appreciate the unique 3Dgames COMBO continuous skills, and a strong sense of movement. The game is gorgeous, gives you visual enjoyment, and in my opinion is a very good game. I believe we can go to try, there will be a different feeling.

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Three country opposition 2010-01-13 07:26

This game is well-know South Korean online game maker South Korea Zemi Interactive game company created an online game, game style, similar to the worlds leading online game world of warcraft WOW.
Gates of andiron game is the game described in the Graxion, Defugel and Broa 3 game between the countries opposing the war and legendary heroism. Game in which players can choose to race a total of three games a total of six kind of game career.
First, to prepare some of gates of andaron gold to the equipment shop and bought weapons to fight the turtle, if you there is no way to reach their own equipment to buy gates of andaron gold.
In the Irma at the advantage of upgrading is no need to find blame, killed immediately brush goa gold has been in this reaches 24, play equipment, am sure that many, cheap goa gold quite a few, and then went to Dun buy 24 weapons, equipment, did not hit on the first to wear the previous.
Internal Strength if you want to save cheap goa gold to acquire 12 of the 368 that can be added. There is also a move, wear road skills, ray acceleration. Deceleration and under the ice. Put their own skills and Baoyan this ideal location. This replaces retired ice magic skills. Under the ice, run three steps, a Baoyan. Return an ice, in turn release. From own hands do not go back to running, or is mixed. With this move is also very skilled cattle, unless the other party also wore road Speed lei Fang ice, in order to catch up with you. If you have not enough money, then you can go to buy gates of andaron money.
Three competing countries Defugel, Graxion, Broa, and a legendary hero there may be a kind of story. The three countries should advocate a different history, an endless war erupted between the three countries, but how to reveal the historical truth, to resolve this pointless war all day long, the game features three different races and six their own strong points of a career choice for gamers with a large number of the legendary heroes how to solve the dispute, it would open the gates of andiron.

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Lovely pets will come 2010-01-13 07:26

Mix master is to begin operations in 2003 in Korea, it is of a MMORPG by South Korean companies launch of Virgin XAI MEDIA works with animation-style graphics and cute characters fresh is the battle with the monster of an adventure to solve the problem of game. Is characterized by the greatest monster of evolution, which is MIX. Players through the MIX his own culture into the stronger and more ferocious monsters, and monsters with other players or a combination of swaps, which require their mixmaster gp, version of the character animation of the screen settings and will certainly attract a number of like kind the game players. Play the role can create a total of four people, two men and two women, namely, fire, dark, wind ice. People began to attribute the establishment of the future point of provisioning. And now most of the game, as there is a 5-point attributes per liter so that players free to allocate. The role of the birth of there own skills. People respect is somewhat monotonous, gender and occupation linked to many players like to play the male archer little unfair. Characters hairstyle, clothing, skin, no one can change, and that less of the mix master gp is a very good player, because one to spend mixmaster online gp on clothes can be relatively less.
MIX picture is very beautiful, meticulous, cartoon style, full, games, first of all to create their own characters, set of characters with a monster, to participate in the fighting, make it a better assimilation and integration in the game itself. Players can choose about 250 kinds of monsters in the mind of the monster to be tamed, and can also be accompanied by three would like to tame the beast, you want to use mixmaster gold to buy things that monster task, or a special place to spend some mixmaster online gold where domesticated.
Inside the game without violence, no blood, suitable for players of all ages, we can come to try.

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The birth of pet online games 2010-01-06 08:36

Mix Master is not a 3Dgame, but it has a picture of desperate person effect, lovely and fresh, the player to become a cartoon character as a kind of illusion. It is the battle with the monster of a problem-solving adventure game.
Mix Master is characterized by the greatest monster of evolution, that is, Mix. Players through the MIX his own culture into the stronger and more ferocious monsters, and monsters with other players or a combination of swaps, which is essential for trading, you can use mixmaster gp to.
Mix Master, means have a domesticated monster in the highest state of capable people. Mix Master all the monsters can be tamed, domesticated beast that he can easily destroy a city, extremely powerful. You need to use mix master gp to buy some things to tame it, and the player goal is to become an excellent Mix Master, this end, travel the world, traveling the globe. Just like the real world, like you want to travel the world, mixmaster online gp is indispensable thing.
Mix Master game culture is not simply to upgrade the role of the game, but players have to become a beast tame division, with the mixmaster gold to buy a dedicated capture tools to capture and tame monsters, and then with the other players get new varieties mixed together monster game. Players can, in about 250 kinds of monsters in their own mind to choose to undergo a kind of monster, and can also be accompanied by three would like to tame the monster, these monsters to participate in the fighting and get experience points the way to grow, you can also put monster center domesticated, as long as the payment of mixmaster online gold on it.
Monster inherited a mixture of original features and has a new image and superior skills, the game gives a whole new feel, will not have much of a gap is a sense of leisure and entertainment and good partners.

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