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The advent of fantasy online games 2010-01-06 08:36

Alganon U.S. Arizona Quest Online into the company officially announced the online games industry in the first post-Army films. In the game, players can race and occupations from multiple choice mixed skill system makes the role of the upgrade has several options. You can also create their own small groups, exercises deal skills, expedition set foot on the road, but also from the Asheroth and Kujix two camps in the choice to join the wider struggle.
Unlike other online games, players have up to 30-day free trial time, and without limiting the players who buy alganon gold during the game levels, players can with the players who buy alganon gold that like to rise to the highest level.
Alganon also has a fantasy, all of the features online games. There is the magic of magic, there are scenes of fighting with the monster, there are epic-level task of waiting for your join, there are soldiers, such as occupational therapy for the Warlock and Mage players option, but also lists rare treasures of the auction house, players can use alganon online gold to deal.
Alganon is not just a few characteristics with it the entire game from the beginning, it brought a unique experience for gamers and feelings, unlike other similar online games, as only the name of the game has been improved. Another point is that if you have enough alganon money to buy those things out valuables, you can also choose to fight monsters to get cheap alganon gold.
The Alganon Cross in the war world, the two groups Asheroth and Kujix win the right to life and death battle for the highest. Asheroth represent the light and obedience of nature, Kujix representative is chaos, conquest, convinced that survival of the fittest.
When the player Alganon when creating characters, a beginning, you will be a family member. Family is composed of players from a number of like-minded groups, and based on the family theme to absorb all kind of players to join. If you like the game, you quickly come to join us in.

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3D big game 2010-01-06 08:36

Gates of Andiron game is well-known South Korean online game company by South Korea Zemi Interactive game company created an online game, game style, similar to the online game World of Warcraft WOW.
Right now say the experience to make gates of andaron money, when you see the monster, please pay special attention to, gray male, Evil Eye series of them altogether will not be out a good treasure, in addition non-forest to make cheap goa gold, is that the initiative to fight the Grizzlies at the time of your resolved, others will not touch them altogether, unless he is stuck in the middle of you and the target, it would buy gates of andaron gold by the way.
The principle is no treasure here, strange I just do not fight, unless he was in front of me. Treasure although difficult out, but you will not be out playing the blame is never out. Here to say one, if you really want to make gates of andaron gold, who was not Dalang deputy chiefs, who changed Dalang, LV15 task and do not touch, but if you want to find a little excitement, then you can all solution. In fact, werewolf make goa gold district play speed some things to be faster, but really, just playing some kind of strange really boring.
Gates of Andiron game is the game described in the Graxion, Defugel and Broa3 game between the countries opposing the war and legendary heroism. Three countries were advocating different histories, which became the trigger pull up three of the endless war between countries, but how to reveal the historical truth, to resolve this pointless war all day long, depends on the legend the hero. Three characteristics of different races and six have their own strengths career choice for gamers with a large number of elements of PVP and RVR will also be integrated into one.
I hope you can go to try this game, it is really interesting, and it certainly will not let you feel disappointed.

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Will come out of the game show TGS 2010-01-06 08:35

MetalRage the game is set in the year 2070, when the technology humans have developed to the space time, the universe is more divided into three major forces to contend with each other. Players in the MetalRage, there will be eight kinds of robots can choose according to their different professional settings, each robot has its own unique ability, in order to base fortifications based robots, there are good sniper or Fast Attack types of robots, and flexible combination of team is the only way to success.
The games also buy metalrage gold, in which there was a lot of game modes, there are several game modes, one is to support the type, and another one is broken up within the specified tome the number of decision victory Death Mode, as well as in the race to win by occupying the designated place occupation model. Victory in the race can also get cheap metalrage gold, but the best thing to buy metalrage gold.
The body can be through personal customization, weapons, parts can be according to their own preferences to choose to install on their own body. However, not all of the time of choice freedom of choice, such as lightweight the body is unable to carry the weight of type weapons. You can use metalrage online gold to buy equipment to get a better model.
Body has prepared eight kinds of different models, temporarily translated as lightweight, fire-type, Assault-type, engineering-type, weight-type, blocking-type, observation-type, Readiness-type. Basically al types of names can be judged according to its performance, need to add that engineering-type, which can be set up mines and defensive wall. Defense Wall can withstand the local part of the attack to protect our body. Observation type can provide a small robot to conduct reconnaissance, with a large area quickly find target characteristics. Through the metalrage money, you can make the fighting more perfect.
This game is worth looking forward to, you can try.

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divine soul will be come 2009-12-30 09:08

horizontal scroll bar with the existing version of the action game different, the soul of the holy spirit is a full-3D manner, and supports 45-degree angle, preview view, behind perspective action game, player will be able to feel more exciting piquant gaming pleasure.
In the game, divine soul gold are very heavy things must, you have to buy divine soul gold, if you want to use cheap divine soul gold to buy some high-level skills and equipment, you can come into divine soul online gold to find how to make divine soul money.
In addition, the game also provides players gathered for the great city, reducing the players to the villages, overcrowded feeling depressed. And accompanied by the players to the villages, overcrowded feeling depressed. And accompanied by the growth of class players, the game will be more monster high degree of intelligence, the player will be able to experience more intense the content of intense fighting, the player will be able to experience more intense the content of intense fighting.
Continuous multi-level skills, a sense of gorgeous carefree movements most prominent feature of the game. Boss strange high intelligence, will let gamers feel the thrill of fighting terror to stimulate.
Also, for each player to complete the task when the main stage, but also through a pair of scissors, stone, cloth of the game to obtain valuable props, but also enhance the game interesting.
The open video content based on the first test in the debut of the Irish Brewood Urban background, the various professional roles and a monsterbattle between the start of the wonderful pictures and the fog of the forest, underground sewer City etc, are presented in the film 11.

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Mix Master Storm 2009-12-30 09:08

Mix Master is a South Korean company has developed the latest online games XiaMedia masterpiece, on April 15 in South Korea since the public beta, only 5days, which had exceeded the number of concurrent million mark, the current average daily number of registered members an increase of 2 million people in more than a few have been more than 200000members. Since the Mix Master the beta launch of its linear increase in the number of concurrent trends, in view of the server, full operators had to an emergency add a set of servers, so that the game is also online this week, is expected to reach 10005 thousand mark, be called a number of recent South Korean network, a new bright spot. The game, you can use mixmaster gp to trade game currency and mix master gp can also be used to purchase the needed equipment, and sometimes you have to save up mixmaster online gp as a hedge, while the mixmaster gold is also important, the mixmaster online gold must not be a lack of the game.
Mix Master is a pet for the development and develop to upgrade the concept of fighting as the main screen a large network of cute cartoon-style role-playing games, one of its most important feature of the old turn-based rejection of the use of a new real-time battle mode, it can be said is the first real-time combat pet department online games. Each player can simultaneously lead the three adorable pet wizard fantasy mainlands China where the composition of teams started adventure, fight together. In addition, Mix Master also has a similar to the MSN, set your friends to chat and the blessings of function and integrated communication system.

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A new sci-fi action gaming 2009-12-24 08:58

Fallen Earth was Icarus Studios developed a sci-fi action video games, it created a post-apocalyptic years, allowing the player engaged in a chaotic world of war.
The thousands of props, including costumes, weapons, armor, sight, night vision devices, a variety of models of excellent sensors and ancillary items, which are need to use Fallen Earth gold to buy. So, if you do not have Fallen Earth money you can no longer appears to excel in all players, you can also use the RMB to buy Fallen Earth gold, and, Fallen Earth online gold, and then the game there are many other roles waiting for you to explore. It is rich in story-based tasks. The development of People skills and the state not subject to any restrictions, so no one would dare say that they are the strongest fighters.
Roles, rich characters personalized option, including different facial, hair, skin color, and eye movements and so on. Innovative animation characters can move up and down independent, advanced graphics skills to make game characters to at least 6000 side, so people look fuller and more realistic. Each character can be guaranteed, and as unique as the effect of the player.
Recently, the game developer Icarus Studios announced that it will cooperate with leading IT vendors Vivox, adding that the need in the game voice communication system. Vivox will provide Icarus Studios provides custom built-in voice communication services. By then, the game players will be able to in the game with other players for verbal communication, but also can be with their team of secret communication, join the conversation at any time without affecting the game play. All communication channels are controlled by the server to ensure that the central processing unit to minimize resource consumption.

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