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Another deep way to improve level 2010-05-24 04:21

aion gold holds an important part in the game, and often we can communicate many experiences with each other. This time if you can enter into twenty five levels, you will enter into abyss to finish your task. The bugbears of abyss do not only have experience, but also have OBS points. But this time now you need pay attention not to fight bugbears free and easy, or you will be killed by the sky.
From twenty five levels to twenty eight levels, it is best to do training the team, and this is the first real copy. Since it is a copy, of course, there will be no day of family disturbance, proposed that only four groups, the value of killing without a break there two hundred and fifty thousand experiences, people do more, because experience is shared equally, of course, were the less the better, but do not too little, how to say which is boss off a very bad, cold floor. Remember to take before playing three copies of the task, reward is pretty good.
In this copy the update soon, if there is a rest value, experience has three hundred and fifty thousand about the strange feet better than ice play, and experience more if possible, in this rose to twenty nine to go out again. If the group is less than one, went to a small island outside the city of fight OBS marinate soldiers, experience less blood can, and do the middle island there is NPC, if you encounter day family fight, however, go out into the NPC run. Can rise to twenty seven on the island, twenty seven levels top twenty nine, then repeat the task to the fortress of low Jims, killing the trees were rough. Now, whether playing a single copy or something and have twenty nine slightly to leave this dangerous placemen returned to familiar with the continent. From twenty nine levels to thirty two levels, to kill the wolf and the scorpion.

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The training method 2010-05-24 04:21

wyd gold continues the game if we have enough, and we can avoid many problems. Come on, no way is question, and we can have enough chances to finish our tasks. I have been played this game for a year, and I want to share some ideas with you, and we can make progress together.
At first I was playing soldiers, because I like a handsome soldier, stabbed in the refreshing, and the monster feels intimate contact, these are our soldiers born joy. In this game, the soldiers stand in order to anger the worst, so I do not recommend you go to practice, but I decided to be the strongest fighters Wrath of God Magic triple soldiers, because soldiers who set all the advantages of the soldiers, it is the strongest fighter.
Soldiers practice it is more important, we should grasp one of the strategies, so more conducive to our fight. Department of attacks are on soldiers by sword dance mainly because the dance is a kind of resistance to ignore each other attacks. If the other party is ice, fire, sacred, Ray of the four resistances under such attack useless. The secondary attack, we chose Make drug and worst poison Department of thunder. Rational use of these two training method, we need more chance of winning. Happening in the attack can stop the other produce, resulting in attacks gap. In fact, this dance is a fast response, if the guard is a plus nine after the force will more.
There are many ancillary skills that we learn from them as long as two. First, stop the violent school angry, it can increase the upper limit of the blood, also can make our soldiers more by the war, resistance to fight. The second is that we should learn from the life of the light sword system calls hell. These skills are very useful when fighting and leveling, good benefits to their own experience.

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Welcome Back to Teflon! Newbie Tips 2010-05-24 04:20

worldedition gold operates many things, and it hold much population. We need be careful when we use it to finish tasks, and we can make full use of it. News posted on Vanguard official site said that they welcome players back to Teflon and also newbie. There are some changes they made. Let us read the details as below.
Were warmly welcoming players back to Teflon by reactivating thousands of accounts that have not played in a while? No MMO is identical, and since we have been boasting all about the great changes made to the game, it is understandable that people coming back may be a bit confused about how some things work! Consider this a refresher course in all things Vanguard!
Getting Around in Game
You will find a variety of ways to move around in Teflon! If you do not have the improved run speed of a Druid or Bard, you can still get your hands on some great (and fast!) mounts.
Starting at ten levels you can purchase your first mount by visiting any major city.
Also at ten levels, you might want to think about visiting a City Faction Registrar. With Game Update five levels, we introduced unique racial mounts to the game that are earned with faction. By visiting registrar of a city you can pick up a banner, which while equipped, will allow you to collect faction coins from that city. You can turn these coins in to build faction. Once your faction is high enough, you can purchase a mount with platinum faction coins!
This tip you can pay attention to is very important, and we can put it into fact. Now this way is rather right and we can only do it in one side as every player.

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Account Migration Process 2010-05-24 04:20

tera gold can give you some chances in the game, because it can create the sky, and you can also make full use of it. If you like it and you can read this article. I provide this message this time, and you can make some new success.
This is about account migration process, come on, and you will get enough progress. Welcome to our site! Now here is a complete game guide which selected from the other website. If you are interested in this guide, just keep paying attention to our website. All the EU players should be able to login into the game and play with their EU characters. This post explains the process to link your Europe account to an existing or newly created Acclaim account. If you do not have an Acclaim Account, you can register for one in the link below. Before you precede any further, please login with your Acclaim Account in the game, and create at least one character on both PVP and PVE Server. Ignore this step, if you already have a character on both servers. Click on the link below where you can link both the EU and US/Acclaim account. Enter your European and US account details as shown in the image above and click on Submit. Make sure you enter the correct details. After the congratulations page, you will not be able to link your EU and US accounts again. Once you click submit, you should see a Congratulations page. Accounts can be linked only once.
There is another tip, one best way to make money or enter into high level, which is to attend a team, because in the team you can decrease damage, and you have much more chances to get money. Good way to go, and you will succeed. Come on, no problem is question.

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New to something and upgrade recommendations 2010-05-17 04:59

aion gold you must have been using in the game plays an important role when we need arms, skills or other equipments, as a result, we must make full use of it, and than we can avoid things which are dangerous in the fighting. This time I want to make you know that how to upgrade as the devil, if you pay attention to it, and you will make some progress.
From one level to ten, you can help your self fight in the country where all new players live, finish your basic tasks, and than you will translate your job into ten levels when you achieve the task of nine levels. From ten to twelve levels you need kill in the city of glacial lakes, there are several tasks of killing bugbears, and you can kill them in one time. From thirteen to fifteen levels you may kill spiders in the island of brown bears, and then you repeat the money but the task to that of the blade and the whirlwind wizard in the map from sixteen to eighteen levels, if you do well in this subject, you can also make money for equipment, during which if someone went to brush Blackfoot, make blue fitted also good experience considerable.
Of nineteen to twenty one levels, then you need repeat the task of making money, fight wolf, loan-to-mouse, snowman, if you do not want to only fight wolf, wolf blood less, although high attack, but not significant. You can go to fight forest mushrooms from twenty two to twenty four levels, in comber dolphin around the house thatched cottages, has been hit twenty five, in the meantime, brush fire hole group of people.
This is the method of the former twenty four levels, and I think you must have known it. Come on, I think you can do well in this part, because it is so easy.

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Wrong ideas smashed dragon 2010-05-17 04:59

wyd gold hears like money in society, we can not leave from it, many times we often try our bests to get it to buy or afford our demand, and we all know the importance of it in life, or in the game. It is so different from experiences that I have told in former, but it is very useful, and I think you can get much thought at this moment.
Smashed dragon is often very annoying, it is more difficult to hit. Read many articles report found there are different views, but most are wrong. I will give you some of the following model, can give you some reference. The first error is the transfer of the kingdom of smashing dragon, and this is the way many players have not found the Kingdom later in the move to reduce the FPS, there can only maintain the speed and stability, often long before they lost half a day show up failure or success, so this method is wrong.
The second error is the number of laps to drop dragon, and this is the way many players, and molecular changes in the number of laps I think does not matter, but in six to seven of fifteen laps when the transfer is much easier indeed, a coincidence or a secret I do not know, but you can guarantee that the number seven to eight to nine, not a very good way to ring true.
The third error is transfer to drop dragon, this method is more modern, but okay to drop one to sixty seven or eight or nine to be difficult, transferred, FPS will shift from low to high molecular changes at this time is the same low on high, one to six molecules already large, low on the high success of the process is indeed easy? If you can guarantee FPS growth, you begin to grow molecular 0, then I am not saying that however suggest that you do not so smashed after seven.

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