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Change a key for dark gold or equipment 2010-04-19 04:11

Silkroad gold which we often use in the game is important, we can use it to change for skills that we need learn, and also we can use it to make friends, which is very usual. The center point of the game is to control gold to make full use, and than we must can make progress. And also I see all take keys to change for things, I want to share with you the way, and I hope that can help you.
First make sure that you can change your key for the repaired dark equipment, but there is little chance. We need think about how to improve the slim chance, and only the first chance to improve the equipment. In fact I have some ways to improve this situation, and I hope we can make great progress in the game.
Hero is sun, moon is testing chain, and courage is star. Every service has twice to use key to change for things that we need, and every time has thirty minutes. I was in the glory zone, so I only know the glory of these two time zone, other areas can only happen over time, it can be concluded that record, two hundred and fifty the average time of a key equipment likely to be three point five in the thirty minutes about the equipment is likely to be found very easily doubled.
The other problem is the frequency of opening the box, most people opens the box, almost all frequencies less than 1 second, and this method is wrong, the frequency is more critical.
Courage is to open the box every time the frequency of approximately two point three seconds, and challenge is three seconds, and the test chain is ditto which all the stars are. But I can not get result about hero, and it only can be gotten by your own self.

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Most got to be the doctor 2010-04-19 04:11

Runescape Gold helps me to enter into the one high level, and I can make full use of it to avoid some problems. I think I can do well in this game, but I think I want to kill doctor, although he can go quickly according to improve levels, and we will waste much time without them. But PK point of view, both in the contest of the lake and the forces of war fighting, including the most got to be is a doctor.
The first is demolition team, because of them, I often experience strange killed off. At that time, because the level is low, there is no resistance. If it is killed by thugs, heart also more balanced. But one would like to be killed by doctors, especially not happy heart. When I arrived at four turns, I go to Lake Fight. No doctors have been something. They have chosen to attack the next, but they are far away from and I feel strenuous fight. Medical costs hit you blood. Like a doctor feeling like a thief. You do not like to front, playing on unawares, and I am very irritating. The most exasperating is not particular about the doctors. Team when everyone is at ease brush blame. Do not know when doctors own on the next and they do not say hello. The results were hung, and the team is also scattered. No sense of responsibility.
Of course, I said only a part, and there are good doctors. But the above accounting for the doctors was so hateful, and who are not allowed to kill a doctor. I would kill the doctors. On the PK they have good equipment, and better than thugs weak. On what basis did not kill them.

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Tips to accelerate transition 2010-04-19 04:10

Eve isk controls the most important part in the game, no player can level away from it, and we can only value and make full use of it. In the game, arms and some skills which we must operate are so useful, and we can hold it on fighting or help other players in same team. This time I want to say some tips to accelerate transition.
Many players always feel that the speed is very slow when we flash bugbears, even more we escape from fighting, and also we may hit on other players, or we may meet the situation that we stuck in the rock and we can not captive. In fact, this result has some matter with the direction of your bow, and you need pay attention now. As well known to us, transition adjustment will first bow to the location of the transition destination, and then began to accelerate to the fastest eighty percent of the re-transition.
This way is true to waste much time, and the right way is to press the button of accelerate when the transition. Then the system will prompt the following transition can not be made, and leave He went under in accordance with section two. This time you will see accelerated by the lamps turn green then turn red, look at your bow, wow it is clear quickly turned to the destination, its acceleration will re-start, this whole operation probably two to three seconds of a U-turn saves you time and acceleration time of three to five seconds.
These are just vessels for combat patrols and operations above. Cruiser more flexible but can also use this method to speed up the transition. And I think these tips must help you, if you have some other question, and you can come to our website, we can help you on time.

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Nida My friends 2010-04-12 04:36

I want to write something since I am going to leave Nida, leave the nida gold. When I get thousands of nida online gold, I will leave Nida, I once said to myself and my friends. I have got 9600 scores after me fighter for 10 days more or less in nida money and I will get a star now, so it is time to say goodbye. I always think that acquaintance is a kind of fate, both in actual and virtual life. I rushed to the battlefield with my passion, and my sore was just 100 when I played Nida for the first time. While I really got understand of the words of my friends was when I really getting stared with my protracted war, they said that playing Nida was more difficult than Station although we can buy nida gold. Maybe the black and the white was not balanced in most regions, there were more whites than the black. It was red around in front of all small nag big doors of Fort Gordon Turner everyday, it was embarrassed to us. And the white was increasing more rapidly than us. Not long after I join Station 2, I meat with some friends who are cooperating with me all the time in buy nida online gold, but they have given up before me. Actually this basic fixed group is the strongest group in this area. The people in the melee 2 may know all of us, such as You setting sun you, Pocket only sugar, AD small bees, Hand in hand life, Xiao an, Qin Shi Huang with Magic V thorn and I join later. There still joined a number of archers in the middle and of course they were strong, too. Because there are too many, I would have to say sorry here for not mention you. When staying with these brothers and sisters, what most impressed me was earned dripping battle actually.

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Metalrage An unforgettable beauty 2010-04-12 04:35

Metalrage An unforgettable beauty
The niece for Metalrage and metalrage gold has finished on ahead, though I did not catch up with the initial niece, I insisted till the last. A kind of boosting mood was still surging in my heart. Although I had not enjoyed the whole excitement of Metalrage, I like the special operation, metalrage online gold and interface of the game very much and I have got to know a group of friends who were chatting, beating monsters and earning cheap metalrage gold tighter with me. Looking at the unique flavor of each city in the map of world, we were running around every place. Browsing the beautiful but true natural beauty and Negara River and enjoying the honest and friendly culture and gorgeous architecture which made too much memory to us. I can not pack up my feeling, but my unrestrained emotion is unable to contain or stop. It is a transform of from strange to familiar, from easy to complex and from single to multiple. The primary games were all the tasks to beating monsters, while in this game, you can find that the more time you will spend on traveling the world or communicating closely. I like traveling, but there is not too much time and much money to meet this desire. In Metalrage, I can run free as a horse to leave footprints for myself to looking for maybe sometimes should buy metalrage gold. Though the time for niece was short, I played very happy in it and I like the producing model which was not limiting the number of learning in the game. And it is luckily that, I finished making a set of firearms for bloody knight and they were 15 5, 20 million metalrage money. I would like the good luck can with me till next game and I hope more people can enjoy this game.

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mabinogi洛奇 The best 2010-04-12 04:35

I have played 10 online games more or less, during the time I got much mabinogi gold. They contain Mo Yu and heaven 2, the new arena OLD (12 days of the first generation) AQUA Fantasy and so on. mabinogi is the best one in all I have ever seen. And now, I would like to talk about my views. First about playability, mabinogi does not like other free games which are just for earning money. You can feel enough pleasures when playing the mabinogi, once beat the monster, you will get different awards or mabinogi2 gold. More buy mabinogi gold can make your equipment better. There still do not have confusing task system and it is fast for upgrading before 100 stages. When you up to 105, you will get a set of excellent equipments and enough buy mabinogi2 gold, now it is the beginning for fun. Till that time, you can go to the back home valley to kill crazily. You will get much experience when you kill others, sometimes there will have Acura. And when you have a PIKE, you will win without good equipment, adding opponent is different. But others can kill you by using acupuncture and they can hide in other care arrays. mabinogi has three forces and I also think they are the best. It is not too many or few, triangle law, the war between them are the craziest. There are 5 guarding terms between the 3 forces points and the main city. You can get to the city by breaking one of them. When you get one stone of others, the breaking and guarding will increase 10 percent and get mabinogi2 gold, but the time is limited. Against between forces and the honor of forces in mabinogi is better than other games.

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