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las online A romance game 2010-04-12 04:35

I went into las online gold was in October, 2003, that time I left Prince of Qin Tania which is the longest online game I have played. When I surf various kinds of games in websites, I found knight at Shoo. Then I enter the knight just for try. I felt that I could find funny here when I went into the first picture of knight. I droved in and saw occupation worship, maybe I like guarding friends, I chose it. After I went into the game, my friend got a novice card for me and I picked up a weapon for worship. Because I was Sichuan’s, and I have unforgettable feelings about Qin Tania, I chose the Shush a Raytheon, also called it Qin Tania. From then on, I began my trip to Knights and errant many las gold. It is not long after, the spring festival came. One day, I happened to saw the server opened, a desire of want to be a master made me went to Fushun since there are too many masters in Shush an, and then I really started my journey in buy las online gold. With the experience in Shush and, I grew up very quickly. When I reached 45, and had thousands cheap las gold of I built my first one Knight which was called days of the sanctuary and have our own brothers. Our mission is not too big, but we are so united. We excising upgrade, kill S in the battle and earn las online money together, the days we stay together was unaffected. But now, there is only Devil smiled playing the game. At that time, there have had several big missions for people nation, such as the days of community, the temple, moonlight exotic and homes which is disappeared later. S family also has sea-blue sky, lost tribes, wild tribes and so on. Seeing their fame in the country battle and enviable cloak, I determined that I must build my own army.

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How to defense with the shield 2010-04-06 07:17

aion gold is a perfect thing in the game, we can use it to buy arms which can be used in the fighting, and also we can change for some valuable skills. For example, if you do not know how to defense when you face enemies, you maybe killed in this time, but if you know this skill, and than you can avoid this danger.
Now I am going to talk about how to defense with the shield, and I think you must be interested in it. Shield has a cut above the injury values which are generally forty percent of the blue, forty five percent of the yellow, each strengthens with one added, this number also increase two percent, and the largest value is sixty five percent.
When the hit of other side is below the value of your shield defense, than he may attack you, but now you are likely to occur shield defense. When this satiation happens, it appears to reduce the damage by reducing how much which is this value. Such as your value is forty five percent, and then is the damage which was reduced by forty five percent, if your value is fifty percent, that is damage reduced by fifty percent, sixty five percent of you is that damage is reduced by sixty five percent. In other words, if a guardian of the shield defense has not yet hit the other high, then when the other person attacks you, your skill will not trigger all the shields, you will not reduce injury, and you could mean the loss of this most valuable property.
Hope my words is useful for you, and this view is only my though. In the game, we can share some skills with each other, than we make a great progress in the fighting, and also we can do well.

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Some changes in the transfer of god 2010-04-06 07:17

wyd gold hears like a good thing, like a cake, everyone all like to eat, but we can also want to know how to get the much more. If we can get this top point, what we want to do next step, and we can not be confused in the life, but to find the way that is fit for our owns.
There are some changes in transfer of god, hope you can realize the means of this article, and it can help you pass some difficult floor. The first is equipment, and in the game it plays a rather important role.  As the transfer of the equipment did not attribute divine character requirements point of all of my friends can be added to increase the land side, there is no need for the equipment needed strength, wisdom, agility, physical strength to worry about, and now to God People, and here is only one level of equipment required.
The second is about team problem of practice level. Now a turn playing demon god figure was the experience of playing with a level of common people of the same kind of demon, experience at the half, and the team differential of 75. The third is operational changes.
A. No need to use a lot of Long or the currency to buy Canadian property and equipment and high-strength, high intelligence, high-agility the necklace has.
B. God there is no need to switch characters, and no change of team spirit figures such little experience, the reason may be thinking. Team and have switched to the best of God group.
C. As the point of attack points, the algorithm changes in the concentration and properties transfer of God physical attacks and magic character attacks on ordinary people are used when playing leapfrog demon to get more experience. The defense and life of human is very important. Defense equipment and processing of life there is no hierarchy of items and weapons requested more valuable than the other equipment.

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Other important guide 2010-04-06 07:16

worldedition gold that I can not use words to describe contains important news, and we need make full use of it. According to the road in future, I tell you some other important guide, and I think you must be interested in it.
If you want to use nukes only to lure monsters or freeze people you can use glaive, it is not a matter the mage attack here, but if you need to do some damage with nukes too you need spear that will help. If you want to use 80:58 balances naked you must use glaive. It is a big difference to STR and you should consider that and use glaive and when you use 1:1 and have more star in your set than this will give you big difference too. You must use glaive too, put if you get phyla and mage close to each other you have the choice to use spear. If you search about good weapon you will go spear, you can find 12, 14, or more in spear and find good glaive is harder, but off course glaive will do more damage. It is only to have more times to crit.
If you use skills with low phyla attack, it is better to use spear. You will see the difference as the attack have more mage from imbue, but when you use high phyla attack skill glaive will be more effective. I do not mean have both spear and glaive and switch them during battle I mean choose weapon depends on your playing style. If you want to really confuse your enemies use glaive. They will say that you are the biggest knob in planet when they see a glaive nuking and they will not understand when they see you deal great damage more than pure star and tank better than him with snow shield some people love to put others in puzzle. Also some people love the spear look and others love glaive look. Do not forget the mood.

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Active Skills of Hunters 2010-04-06 07:16

tera gold just occur in the game, I think it will hold the most part. Because it contains different side, and also roles have its own achievable. Now I only tell you some information this time, and it can help you in the fighting. Come on, you will win.
Arrow of Delay: keep it at level three to access heat shot, a good skill to use, efficient mp cost which makes it spendable. Basically it decreases the movement speed of the enemy. Loading Restrain: this is a skill that in my opinion, is only good for PVP, so leave it alone till later on when you can actually do decent PVP around level forty five or so. Heat Shot: Learn it till level three, and it is a good early game skill for its burst damage, but very mp taxing. Energy Charge: max this skill asp, gives you 80hp/12mp per skill level. Basically this is why you can grind till level thirty five without much downtime.
Spiracle Shock shot: learn this skill till level three, it knockback the mob and stuns it for a certain duration depending on the skill level. Not efficient for grinding due to mp cost and cool down, good for saving lives including your own. And we would provide you gold with the fastest delivery. Virulent Arrow: Basically quite useless outfield, because it does damage over sixty seconds. Nobody will want to kill a mob in sixty seconds unless it is a boss. So keep it at level 3 first to access your final skill freezing arrow.
Freezing Arrow: Max it at level 3, again a skill used mostly for saving lives due to its cool down. However, please note that upon freezing, there is a chance to release the mob from its frozen state following a hit. With all these skills in place, you are free to max your skills as you deem fit, only proceed to level thirty five when you feel like it, because right now thunderbolt revelation which seems like an awesome skill is not working, and mental concentration.

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The discussion of the god war or devil war 2010-03-29 07:29

wyd gold is used by players whoever they are in the game, but when they practice levels they will find it is rather valuable, and we can make full use of it. Whatever the war happens in the god or the devil, there will be some the sad even more the death occurring, and we can not avoid it, but we only can decrease the members.
If you add agility to five hundred and wisdom to eighty, we will increase physical strength to the one thousand and five hundred. The remaining forces, even if the devil fighting is only six thousand, I think this power is also very powerful. I think that whatever God or the devil warrior is most important is the blood must be more, because this time the two practicing ways PK eat a certain degree of loss, thought he was not a continuous attacks, the general must have hit the opponent under the first physical attack on , while the other can be continuous with the physical attack on you, the Master can also use magic, under the next hit you, so I think the price increase of those forces and can not add a lot of the devil attack might as well add the physical, The blood thick, adding blood has enough MISS, coupled with good equipment, I personally think that too much more than increase the power of good, if we can break the blood ten thousand, the average soldier Master Hunter of blood on the two thousand and five hundred to three thousand or so, if the Your place is twice or even three times, they would have accounted for a lot of advantage.
I think you can share your thought with me, and I can get new ideas from you. In the game, we can realize many things that are not possible in the nature, and I think I can do well.

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